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'(Made—) North of Nowhere™' Limited Edition 500x700mm Screenprint

£100.00 / Sold Out

Collaboration between TDR™ + MADE NORTH
500x700mm | Limited Edition of 150 | Authenticated
Ebony Black Colorplan 350gsm Paper
White & Fluorescent Green Glow in the Dark Ink

“The map is a blown up scan of small (35mm high) sketch I made in my notebook around 15 years ago to explain to a journalist in the simplest possible terms why TDR™ found it easy to resist any perceived temptation to relocate ‘Down South’. I was born in Croydon and subsequently lived on the outskirts of Bracknell New Town on the outskirts of London. As soon as I could I used going to University as an excuse to escape the claustrophobic one dimensionality of The South East and head for the adventure of real life in The North, in Sheffield, swapping the safe Stepford Wife existence of ‘fitting in counting beans’ for the safety-net free opportunity to ‘stand up and be counted’. To a degree my political pilgrimage North was every bit as flawed as Northerners heading to London for streets paved with gold, but the sentiment in the map will hold true as long as there’s shandy-quaffing Southerners intoning ‘It’s grim up North’ having never had the bollocks to find out the truth for themselves.”
Ian Anderson

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