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Accept Me Into Your Life T-Shirt (Test Print)

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Grey test print tee printed front (fluoro pink) and back (fluoro pink and white) with rare Buy Me! neck-tag
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In 2002, two years to the day after the first TDR™ website went live, www.thepeoplesbureau.com was launched on Ian's birthday (February 14). In addition to the TDR™ merch available, we also designed a number of consumer orientated Peoples Bureau shirts / goods relating to the consumer aesthetics which informed / inform TDR™'s work sold under the Buy Me! label. 
Accept Me Into Your Life is the bastard prodigal son of the Bank Of Jesus Triptych (Customised Terror, Artist Space NYC May 1995) — don't just Buy Me, accept Me into your life (Banks as gods as brands).
Accept Me Into Your Life explored the idea of the wearer as product taking Buy Me! one step beyond. Everyone has their price, this test print run running with 'Prostitute' on the back (as in We Are All Prostitutes). What little market research we did turned up that people loved the front but wouldn't wear it because of the back print. Ironically because it was perceived to be sexist... wtf?!
The colour way references the secondary palette of www.thepeoplesbureau.com (after red and white)
5 - 10 test prints — most given as prizes etc at The Revolution Will Be Advertised show, Skuc / Ljubljana May 2003. What we're offering is what we've found in the archive.

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