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Buy Me! T-Shirt (Test Print)

£50.00 / On Sale

Red test print tee printed front and back (white) with rare Buy Me! neck-tag
size XL
File copy

In 2002, two years to the day after the first TDR™ website went live, www.thepeoplesbureau.com was launched on Ian's birthday (February 14). In addition to the TDR™ merch available, we also designed a number of consumer orientated Peoples Bureau shirts / goods relating to the consumer aesthetics which informed / inform TDR™'s work sold under the Buy Me! label. If we are what we wear, then Buy Me! as a shirt design, says much more about the wearer than simply evangelising The Peoples Bureau and TDR™. This version is one of 5 test prints made before we had the neck tape or the embroidered labels. The Buy Me embroidered label design is printed directly on to the shirt at the bottom of the back. There is no neck tape but instead there's a printed Buy Me! tag in the shirt which only appeared in the 5 test prints. Never before available for purchase. We have 2 archived copies. The other 3 were given to volunteers at The Peoples Bureau pop-up shop at TDR™'s Brain Aided Design™ Sonar show, La Capella, Barcelona 2003

The  plunder of TDRchives™ is complete. Before we finally say farewell to the physical world forever and disappear into the ether for a life of pure creative energy, we're unloading the last of our file copies. Once these treasures are sold they will become purely the stuff of legend. There will be no reprints — these beauties are the last of their kind, and they could be yours and yours and yours.

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