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'Divine Rights™' Limited Edition A3 Screen Print MONO

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In the Golden Age when TDR™ designed WARP Records full stop, not just its best releases, some citizens assumed the use of upper case suggested an acronym, when in reality it evolved out of the post-FON Records habit of making the logo big (make the logo bigger!).
'What does WARP mean?' people asked. We Are Reasonable People, we joked.
'Then what does DR stand for?' Divine Rights. We were deadly serious ;-)

In February 2003 some of us were passing through Bangkok Airport looking for a domestic flight to Phuket and scouting for images for the Fat Truckers For Sale album. In the Domestics bogs a sticker on a hand-dryer seemed to scream 'Nah Wesh Thee Hands!, Rymer'. As it does.
Translated onto various TDR™ designs subsequently, what became the TDR™ Praying Hands were the obvious choice to hosanna the TDR™ Angryman to represent some Zermatt action for 'The Godlike Genius of TDR™' (not our words) at Croydon's Parfitt Gallery's TDR™ Comes Home To Croydon Show in 2011.


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