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DR vs Sound in Motion 1999

£70.00 / Sold Out

DR vs Sound in Motion

Petrol Blue Tee printed red and white (front) and white (Back)
File copy

in 1999 TDR™ had one of their several shows as part of an ongoing relationship with Belgie Kunstencentrum in Hasselt, Belgium. This is the shirt of the show 'Sound in Motion'. The colourway is generic for TDR™ promo material in the late 90s referencing the Forum (Sheffield) Sign:Age show promo material / A3 print, which ran concurrently with the Winter 1996 / 97 Blue Note Gallery (Hoxton / London group show) 'Progress in Work'. Also referencing the same colour scheme as from the Creative Review TDR™ special edition from the mid '90s period.
The front is a smallish white DR Angryman™ with red eyes with a small text block referencing the show at the bottom on the back in white.
The shirt was originally a promo (not for sale) item for people attending the opening night. What we have is an archived file copy. Probably 25 - 50 pieces originally produced for this version.

The plunder of TDRchives™ is complete. Before we finally say farewell to the physical world forever and disappear into the ether for a life of pure creative energy, we're unloading the last of our file copies. Once these treasures are sold they will become purely the stuff of legend. There will be no reprints — these beauties are the last of their kind, and they could be yours and yours and yours.


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