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Ian Anderson / TDR™ - 'FUR COAT AND NO KNICKERS™' Catalogue / Fold-Out Poster-Zine

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So, here's what happened... Chris invited Ian on to his regular Chinwag couch at Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, then Miz suggested a small 3-month TDR™ show in the venue and Joe said Hell Yeah! to TDR™'s Fur Coat & No Knickers Show.

In the late 80s early days of TDR™ before the client base went international, our key cultural exchange was up and down the twilight end of Motorway 1 working with Leeds artists, clubs and clothes shops (such as X Clothes and Ace Clothing). So we put together an ad-hoc Leeds-orientated show featuring collectibles, rare sleeves and super-rare printers proofs from releases by Age Of Chance / LFO / Nightmares On Wax / Weddingpresent etc up to the launch of Gatecrasher Seven and the rise of 2020 Vision, as well as T-designs from TDR™ BC etc

The Fur Coat & No Knickers* poster-fold out fanzine features Leeds based TDR™-work and seven exclusive inside scoops from the far-off days 'before and after bleep', and the late night cultural skirmishes fought across the SoYo™ / WeYo borders (behind the scenes) (with booze an' that).

* Fur Coat and No Knickers is how Sheffield sees Leeds. It's debatable whether Leeds sees Sheffield 15— all ;-)

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