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Pho-Ku Sound System — Halcyon c.2001

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Pho-Ku Sound System — Halcyon c.2001

Bright Yellow tee with 4-col Pho-Ku Kanji Yes / No logo print (front) and 2-col Pho-Ku Sound System logo neck print (back)

In summer 2001 Ian started a regular monthly Pho-Ku Sound System night in Sheffield's Halcyon Bar with a mission to play no two tracks consecutively that sounded the same. We printed a small number of tees for the bar staff to wear on the nights. These we never made available for sale. What we have here is a file copy of the shirt — a momento of the night itself which ran for around a year.

The plunder of TDRchives™ is complete. Before we finally say farewell to the physical world forever and disappear into the ether for a life of pure creative energy, we're unloading the last of our file copies. Once these treasures are sold they will become purely the stuff of legend. There will be no reprints — these beauties are the last of their kind, and they could be yours and yours and yours.


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