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YOU. ME. THEM. US. NOW (Test Print) 2002

£60.00 / Sold Out

YOU. ME. THEM. US. NOW (Test Print)
Black tee printed 4-colour front and back
size ???
File copy

We have a number of test prints produced in small runs from the lead-up to the launch of www.thepeoplesbureau.com in 2002. This is one of the designs, identifiable by the rare Buy Me! neck-tag (never used for commercial releases) and by the absence of the commercial releases' accessorised embroidered labels. This version has the same SoYo™ topographic design on the front as the commercial release (slightly different colours) with the You. Me. Them. Us. Now. detail printed on the back (the commercial release has this back design as an embroidered label.
The design is effectively the shirt of the 'Hathersage 2097' project which reimagined the post-post-industrial Sheffield having migrated to the future city of Hathersage in a Wipeout 2097 landscape, based on the original location of Sheffield being dependent on the topography and proximity to the raw materials to make steel, whereas future communities would / could be located based on aesthetic rather than industrial factors

The plunder of TDRchives™ is complete. Before we finally say farewell to the physical world forever and disappear into the ether for a life of pure creative energy, we're unloading the last of our file copies. Once these treasures are sold they will become purely the stuff of legend. There will be no reprints — these beauties are the last of their kind, and they could be yours and yours and yours.


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